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ITS is a rapidly expanding IT company delivering high-end business solutions.

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ITS is a leading IT firm specializing in tailored business solutions and services for both corporate and SME clientele. We facilitate business digitization through IT and energy infrastructure implementation, development, legal framework support, and consulting. Our expert technical team extends its support not only to our solutions but also to our customers' proprietary systems. In essence, we offer dependable services brimming with technical proficiency and extensive experience.

ITS is a client-centric IT enterprise that excels in customized business solutions and services for corporate and SME clients. Our diverse portfolio encompasses an array of IT solutions, including business solution development, information technology infrastructure solutions, and IT consulting. Our achievements are propelled by effective management, a highly skilled technical workforce, years of experience, and enduring partnerships. We stay at the forefront of technological advancements to offer our customers the most pertinent solutions. Moreover, we provide guidance on IT infrastructure projects and the development of security policies for crisis management.

Established in 2006, ITS is a technology company devoted to supplying and enhancing custom IT solutions and services for corporate and SME clients. Our unwavering commitment to professionalism, high-quality standards, and customer satisfaction has been instrumental in our growth. ITS boasts a team of highly skilled technical experts with a wealth of experience, enabling us to deliver solutions that align with the latest technological capabilities. We specialize in three core domains: Business Solutions Development, Information Technology Infrastructure Solutions, and IT Consulting.

ITS caters to corporate clients by offering tailored IT solutions, infrastructure planning, and business consultancy.

ITS primarily serves corporate clients and SMEs, delivering custom business solutions, IT services, and expert consultancy.

ITS offers business solutions development, informative technological infrastructure solutions, and IT consulting services to corporate and SME clients.

ITS offers a range of solutions and services to assist customers in the development and implementation of their business needs through up-to-date IT solutions. The company specializes in business solutions development, which includes the development, support, and training for corporate and SME clients to optimize processes efficiency and management. ITS also provides informative technological infrastructure solutions, supporting organizations in planning, developing, and implementing IT infrastructure projects.

In addition, ITS offers IT consulting services, which include business requirements analysis, effective investment planning, and strategy development. The company constantly masters the latest technological capabilities and offers customers the most relevant solutions based on up-to-date achievements. The main factors of our success of the company are effective management, highly qualified technical personnel, extensive experience in the field, and stable partnerships.

ITS clients include corporate and banking sectors, as well as SME's. Some of the companies are

Liberty Bank


Cartu Bank

Credo Bank

Halyk Bank

Georgia Industrial Group

Coca Cola





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